LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies


5.34  The Council recognises and acknowledges the role that film and photography can play in bringing economic benefits to the Borough's communities. However, the Council also has a duty to protect the special qualities and landscape character of the Borough.

5.35  The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 (as amended) allows some 'low intensity' time restricted filming activities where there is no need for the building of a set or bringing in large equipment. However, other filming projects may require express planning permission. Where planning permission is required, film production should not take place without the necessary legal consents.

5.36  The Council seeks to protect the amenities of the Borough's communities, and to minimise any disruption associated with a commercial filming project. Special attention and care must be taken when a production is planning to use any historic buildings, heritage sites or Conservation Areas. If it is considered that a proposal may be likely to cause harm, or have significant adverse impacts on a sensitive site or landscape, which cannot be mitigated, then planning permission is unlikely to be granted. The Council may consider developing a protocol for planning applications related to filming activities including the consideration of the use of drones to avoid them having a detrimental impact on the character of the area and the amentities of properties in the vicinity.

DM31: Filming

Planning applications for commercial filming productions will be supported, including the need for temporary planning permission, subject to an assessment of their individual merits.

Explanatory Notes

5.37  The Code of Practice and Filming Guidelines (2000), which is a voluntary agreement, outlines the general requirements and the protocols expected of filming projects to ensure that standards and consideration by all parties affected are met and, is a priority.



Support for responsible filming projects within the Borough.


No specific targets.