LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies


5.28  Applications for express consent for the display of advertisements should be considered against the interests of protecting amenity and public safety in accordance with the Town and County Planning CP (Control of Advertisements) Regulation 2007 (as amended). The NPPF advises that control over outdoor advertisements should be efficient, effective and simple in concept and operation. However, it also advises that poorly placed and designed advertisements can have a negative impact on the quality and character of places.

5.29  Policy DM29 considers the issues to be taken into account when designing an advertisement and makes clear the importance being placed on the wider public amenity. This policy should be used in conjunction with the Shopfronts Design Guide SPD.

5.30  When proposing illuminated advertisements, it is important that developers use energy efficient lighting. Poorly designed lighting can provide a road safety hazard. Light spillage can also disturb protected species such as bats, while having a harmful impact on the historic environment and valued landscapes.

5.31  Poor quality advertisements can have a harmful impact on visual amenity in Conservation Areas in particular. Here hand-painted signs and appropriately designed external illumination will be encouraged.

DM29: Advertisements

Consent will only be given for the display of an advertisement which respects the interest of public safety, historic character, and amenity. In particular:

  1. Advertisements must not constitute a vehicular traffic hazard, nor present a hazard to other road users such as cyclists or pedestrians.
  2. The size, design, colour, materials and positioning of the advertisement must be appropriate to its setting;
  3. The advertisement must not lead to loss of amenity to local residents or businesses due to light or noise pollution;
  4. Internally illuminated signs will not be permitted where they would be visually intrusive. Internal illumination will not be permitted in Conservation Areas.
  5. External illumination may be permitted provided that light fittings are appropriately designed and can be discreetly sited;
  6. Within the Areas of Special Control of Advertisements and other rural areas, advertisements will be required to respect the rural character of the area. Advance signs and illuminated signs will not be permitted in these areas unless essential for highway safety.

Other documents or guidance

Shopfronts Design Guide SPD



Refusal of applications, and dismissal at appeal, for advertisement proposals which are harmful to amenity or public safety.

Advertisements being of a high quality which preserve public safety and amenity.


Advertisements being of a high quality. Refusal of applications, and dismissal at appeal, for advertisement proposals which are harmful to amenity or public safety.