LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies

Access and Servicing

5.23  Due to the historic character of Waverley's town centres, many established commercial premises do not have, and cannot be provided with, bespoke servicing facilities. Even where such facilities do exist, they are often inadequate for large vehicles. In consequence, servicing frequently takes place from the street, causing traffic congestion and hazardous conditions for pedestrians. Together, these factors have an adverse effect on the town centre environment.

5.24  The Council has identified areas in Godalming and Haslemere on the maps below where the use of rear access and servicing is appropriate. These are set out below. For the Haslemere Key Site (Policy DS 01), redevelopment proposals should take into account the potential to improve rear access and servicing.



(a)          Moss Lane to Great George Street

(b)          Crown Court to King’s Arms & Royal Hotel

(a)          Land between West Street & Lower Street

(b)          Land to the rear of High Street

DM28: Access and Servicing

The Council will protect those access and servicing areas designated on the Adopted Policies Map where servicing is appropriate and capable of being delivered.



Provision of access and servicing where appropriate.


No specific targets.

Map 36: Cranleigh Town Centre

Map 37: Farnham Town Centre
Map 38: Godalming Town Centre
Map 39: Haslemere Town Centre (Haslemere)
Map 40: Haslemere Town Centre (Wey Hill)
Wey Hill