LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies

New Employment Sites

5.7  As meeting the Council's housing need has proved more challenging than meeting its employment needs, the Council's policy approach seeks to protect existing residential development. It is also intended for this policy to reflect the needs of a high proportion of smaller businesses in the Borough, and to encourage a diverse range of employment accommodation, in order to support the economic resilience and adaptability of the Borough. Following on from Policy EE1 in Local Plan Part 1 and taking into account the changes to the Use Class Order which came into effect on 1 September 2020, this policy will apply to B2 and B8 employment sites as well as those uses previously within Class B1a, B1b and B1c and now contained within Class E.

DM26: Employment Sites

Proposals for employment development should not result in a net loss of residential units unless justified by a clear economic need.

For the development of new employment floorspace, the Council will encourage proposals which are designed to be adaptable to meet changing employment needs. This can be achieved by measures such as providing a mix of smaller and expandable units suitable for small enterprises and start-ups.

Due weight will be given to the wider social, cultural and economic benefits provided by educational and training facilities when assessing applications for their expansion or intensification, and that of associated development.

Explanatory Notes

5.8  While there is a need to support economic development, the requirement for additional employment floorspace over the plan period is much less substantial than the housing requirement. As such it is important that proposals for economic development do not undermine the delivery of new housing.

5.9  Part of the Council's Economic Strategy involves supporting the development of small businesses and start-up enterprises. The Council will encourage the provision of adaptable workspaces suitable for such enterprises, particularly around educational institutions in order to retain graduates. Whether this is possible or appropriate will vary between sites, for example it will not be expected to be considered for developments aimed to meet the needs of a specific occupier.

Local Plan Part 1 parent policies

EE1 - New Economic Development

EE2 - Protecting Existing Employment Sites

Other documents or guidance

Waverley Economic Strategy 2018-2023



Monitoring of applications which result in a gain or loss of employment floorspace.


Provision of sufficient employment floorspace to meet predicted demand in accordance with the evidence in the Employment Land Review.