LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies

Historic Landscapes and Gardens

4.62  Historic landscapes and gardens contribute to the historic environment through their visual, landscape and cultural value. They can be either designated (Registered Parks or Gardens - of which in Waverley there are currently 9), or non-designated heritage assets. In Waverley, the non-designated heritage assets include two extensive areas identified as Areas of Historic Landscape Value, which, under Policy RE3 of Local Plan Part 1, are being retained. Policy DM24 below is proposed to replace retained Policy HE12 of Local Plan 2002.

4.63  Historic parks and gardens are an important geological and biological resource in the Borough, and their preservation and enhancement are important to promoting biodiversity, and healthy lifestyles by providing recreational opportunities.

DM24: Historic Landscapes and Gardens

The Council will seek to conserve, and enhance, the distinctive historic landscape character and archaeological features of registered parks and gardens, Areas of Special Historic Landscape Value (as identified on the Adopted Policies Map) together with significant non-designated sites and gardens, and their wider settings by:

  1. seeking an initial assessment from any developer of the historic archaeological and landscape significance of the site;
  2. giving priority to the preservation of remains or features in situ. Where the Council is satisfied that this is not justified, a developer will be required to provide for the archaeological recording of the remains or features of the site to an appropriate level. The provisions in Policy DM25: Archaeology will apply;
  3. seeking to ensure that unsympathetic sub-division of a registered park or garden is prevented and any particular landscape, architectural or heritage features are protected.

A balanced judgment will be required having regard to the scale of any harm or loss and the significance of the heritage asset.

Local Plan Part 1 parent policies

HA1: Protection of Heritage Assets



Refusal of applications, and dismissal at appeal, for proposals which would have a harmful impact on historic landscapes and gardens.


Historic Landscapes and Gardens being preserved and enhanced.