LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies

Non-designated Heritage Assets

4.59  Non-designated heritage assets are buildings, monuments, sites, places, areas or landscapes identified as having a degree of significance meriting consideration in planning decisions but which are not formally designated.

4.60  In Waverley, this can include Buildings of Local Merit, Heritage Features, newly discovered archaeological remains, positive contributors identified in a Conservation Area appraisal or assets identified during the course of the planning application. Some non-designated heritage assets will be of equivalent value as designated assets.

4.61  The Council will seek to work with the local community, using their local knowledge to help identify, preserve, and record such assets.

DM23: Non-designated Heritage Assets

The Council will seek to conserve and enhance the significance of non-designated heritage assets by ensuring that:

  1. development responds to and respects the special architectural and historical interest of the heritage asset and its local importance;
  2. development will be sited and designed so as to conserve the asset and its setting. Where this is not possible, careful attention should be given to minimise damage or disturbance to the asset or its setting;
  3. where harm or loss is unavoidable, the asset should be appropriately recorded, relocated, or restored.

A balanced judgment will be required having regard to the scale of any harm or loss and the significance of the heritage asset.

Local Plan Part 1 parent policies

HA1: Protection of Heritage Assets



Refusal of applications, and dismissal at appeal, for proposals which would result in the loss of non-designated heritage assets.


Non-designated heritage assets being preserved.