LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies

Heritage at Risk

4.53  Many heritage assets are at risk of being lost to future generations because of neglect, decay or inappropriate development. Emerging threats such as increased flood risk because of climate change can pose a threat to heritage assets. Where a heritage asset is at risk, the use of sustainably sourced traditional materials when undertaking repairs will be encouraged. Restoring a heritage asset will also often present an opportunity to undertake sensitive measures to improve insulation or energy efficiency.

4.54  Enabling development, such as new dwellings, may occasionally be required to fund the protection or restoration of heritage assets. Where this would conflict with other policies, such as housing policies and the Spatial Strategy, the benefits of preserving the heritage asset will need to be balanced against harm arising from conflicts with other Plan objectives.

4.55  Policy HA1 of Local Plan Part 1 outlines that heritage assets identified at risk or vulnerable to risk will be targeted for improvements. The Policy below therefore outlines how development to heritage at risk will be approached.

DM22: Heritage at Risk

The Council will:

  1. encourage the appropriate repair and maintenance of heritage assets, including through the use of traditional materials and techniques;
  2. have regard to the need to finance the conservation of heritage assets at risk when considering planning applications for enabling development. Where a proposed development would conflict with other policies in the Plan, but would secure the conservation of a heritage asset, the Council will consider whether the benefits of conservation would outweigh any harm caused from departing from other policies. The extent of any such enabling development should be no greater than necessary to make the conservation of the heritage asset viable.

Explanatory Notes:

4.56  Enabling development should be a last resort and does not act as a lifeboat to those who have overpaid for the property without due caution or purposefully neglected it.

4.57  Applicants will be expected to provide financial details so the conservation deficit can be understood.

4.58  Planning conditions and Section 106 agreements will be used to ensure repair work is undertaken and the long term management of the asset is assured.

Local Plan Part 1 parent policies

HA1: Protection of Heritage Assets



Monitoring numbers of assets on Heritage at Risk and Buildings at Risk registers.


No increase in the number of heritage assets on the risk register.