LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies

Areas of Strategic Visual Importance (ASVIs)

4.20  Areas of Strategic Visual Importance is a local designation that was developed as part of the Local Plan Brief of 1981 and the Local Plan 1984. The importance of the designation is to protect areas of land not protected by national landscape designations, but that still need protection because of the role they play in establishing the character of a locality and preventing coalescence between developed areas.

4.21  The issues that the designation addresses are:

  1. For the preservation of the character of the locality
  2. Where land is vulnerable to development pressure
  3. In order to prevent coalescence
  4. Where there are strong environmental reasons
  5. Where protection is essential due to strategic visual importance
  6. Where parcels of land are relatively small and open on the urban fringe

4.22  The designation was reviewed as part of the LLDR undertaken for Local Plan Part 1 but detailed boundary changes were not considered. Local Plan Part 1 retains the existing ASVI areas under Policy RE3 following the conclusions of the LLDR, pending a review of the detailed boundaries in Local Plan Part 2.

4.23  The ASVI in Cranleigh is being reviewed as part of the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan and so the boundary will remain unchanged until the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan is adopted with a new ASVI boundary. Policy RE3 of Local Plan Part 1 will apply to the Cranleigh ASVI as set out in Map 35 below until the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan is adopted, at which point Policy RE3 will apply to the ASVI as set out in the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan.

4.24  Local Plan Part 2 has reviewed the boundaries in line with Local Plan Part 1. Given that the LLDR concluded that the site at the Holy Cross Hospital makes a limited contribution to ASVI purpose, Local Plan Part 1 retained the site but set out that Local Plan Part 2 will determine the environmental value of the ASVI and its boundaries.

Land at Holy Cross Hospital

4.25  The site has strong environmental importance because the trees provide a backdrop to Shottermill and an immediate setting to Holy Cross Hospital as well as residential areas on Vicarage Lane and Priors Wood. The ASVI is adjacent to the built-up areas of Shottermill/Haslemere on three sides and can be considered to form part of the rural-urban fringe, which is one of the defining characteristics of ASVIs. The site could be subject to development pressure if the ASVI designation was removed based on evidence of applications for development prior to its designation as an ASVI[1] .

4.26  Policy RE3 of the Waverley Borough Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Policies and Sites, will apply to the areas designated as Areas of Strategic Visual Importance (ASVI) on the following maps.

Map 31: Farnham ASVIs
Farnham 1-3
Map 32: Farnham ASVIs continued
Farnham 4
Map 33: Haslemere ASVIs
Map 34: Godalming ASVIs
Map 35: Cranleigh ASVI
1. To view the full details of the areas considered for inclusion/removal from the ASVIs, detailed boundary changes and the detailed review of the land at Holy Cross Hospital, please view the ASVI Topic Paper. [back]