LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies

Settlement Boundaries

3.4  Settlement boundaries identify the area in which development is likely to be considered acceptable. These boundaries will reflect the extent of the main built up area, planning permissions and site allocations.

3.5  As part of Local Plan Part 2 the existing rural settlement boundaries were reviewed and updated and boundaries for three of the main settlements have been established (The Farnham Neighbourhood Plan specifies the built up area boundary for that town)[1] .

3.6  It is acknowledged that some of the existing settlement boundaries are for settlements in parishes without specified housing allocations established through Local Plan Part 1. However, these areas could still contribute to meeting housing needs through windfall development.

3.7  For settlements where the Parish or Town Council is carrying out the site allocations through its Neighbourhood Plan, any amendments to the settlement boundaries and, where relevant, Green Belt boundaries, in Local Plan Part 2 are factual updates only. The Parish or Town Council may then decide to review the boundary as part of the Neighbourhood Plan to include further factual updates and site allocations.

3.8  The exception to this is the villages of Chiddingfold, Elstead, Milford and Witley. These villages have been inset from the Green Belt in Local Plan Part 1. These villages will also be accommodating some growth requiring removal of additional land from the Green Belt on the edge of the villages, either through this Plan or through the relevant Neighbourhood Plan. As it stands Local Plan Part 2 will identify the Green Belt boundary changes in the parish of Witley, which includes Milford. In Chiddingfold and Elstead, settlement and Green Belt boundary changes to accommodate planned growth will be made through the relevant Neighbourhood Plans.

3.9  The NPPF sets out that strategic policies should establish the need for any changes to the Green Belt, and that detailed amendments to those boundaries may be made through non-strategic policies, including neighbourhood plans. It also makes clear that changes to Green Belt boundaries should only be made in exceptional circumstances where fully evidenced and justified. The adopted Local Plan Part 1 made some changes to the Green Belt, as detailed in Policy RE2. This included insetting the existing settlement boundaries for the villages of Chiddingfold, Elstead, Milford and Witley from the Green Belt. The Plan also identifies the need for further Green Belt boundary changes to be made around these villages through Local Plan Part 2. This was in recognition of the fact that there was not scope to accommodate the planned growth in these villages without some further adjustment to the respective Green Belt boundaries. It was following the adoption of Local Plan Part 1 that the NPPF was changed to allow Neighbourhood Plans to make changes to Green Belt boundaries where the need had been identified in a strategic Plan, such as Local Plan Part 1.

3.10  Given that Green Belt boundary changes in Chiddingfold and Elstead are being made through the respective Neighbourhood Plans, this Plan only identifies the Green Belt boundary changes required to accommodate planned growth in the parish of Witley. In relation to this, the changes to the Green Belt and settlement boundaries for Milford and Witley, set out in this section, are those required specifically to accommodate the housing allocations for the parish of Witley, set out in Chapter 7: Housing Sites and to address minor anomolies.

3.11  The following maps detail the new settlement boundaries and, where relevant, new GReen Belt boundaries. The Settlement Boundaries Topic Paper details the justification for these amendments. Where changes to the Green Belt boundary are taking place through Local Plan Part 2, this is detailed in the Green Belt Topic Paper.

Map 1 Alfold

Alfold SB

Map 2 Alfold Parish - Alfold Crossways
Map 3 Bramley
Map 4 Chiddingfold

Map 5 Churt

Map 6 Cranleigh
Cranleigh SB

Map 7 Cranleigh Parish - Rowly

Map 8 Dockenfield
Dockenfield SB
Map 9 Dunsfold
Map 10 Elstead
Map 11 Ewhurst
Map 12 Frensham
Map 13 Frensham Parish - Millbridge
Map 14 Frensham Parish - Shortfield Common
Shortfield Common
Map 15 Godalming
Map 16 Hascombe
Map 17 Haslemere
MAp 17 Haslemere settlement boundary 2020 print
Map 18 Haslemere Parish - Hindhead
Hindhead SB
Map 19 Haslemere Parish - Beacon Hill
Beacon Hill SB
Map 20 Haslemere Parish - Grayswood
Grayswood SB
Map 21 Tilford
Tilford SB
Map 22 Thursley
Map 23 Witley
Witley sept9
Map 24 Witley Parish - Milford
Map 25 Wonersh
Wonersh SB
Map 26 Wonersh - Shamley Green
Shamley Green SB
1. For the methodology of the settlement boundaries review, please see the Settlement Boundaries Topic Paper. [back]