LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies

Location of Development

3.1  The spatial strategy for future housing delivery has been established in Local Plan Part 1 , with the location of new development set out in Policy SP2. Minimum housing allocations have been given to parishes with towns and villages in the top three tiers of the Settlement Hierarchy, as they are considered to be the most sustainable locations in the Borough for growth. Within these settlements, the Council will encourage well-designed growth, with infilling and other development which reflect the character of the settlement in terms of density and form.

3.2  Settlement boundaries are a key tool within a Development Plan and are used to identify the substantially built-up settlement area of a town or village. Within these areas, development will normally be considered acceptable, subject to consideration of issues such as its impact on the character and appearance of the area. Outside of settlement boundaries, whether the principle of development is acceptable will be determined on a case-by-case basis through consideration of factors including a site's relationship with the defined settlement, and the sustainability of its location. Policies SP1, SP2, ALH1 and ST1 of Local Plan Part 1 and DM15 will be of particular relevance to such applications. For settlements washed over by the Green Belt, applications will be assessed in accordance with RE2 of Local Plan Part 1 and DM14.

DM13: Development within Settlement Boundaries

For settlements, except those washed over by the Green Belt, the principle of development within the settlement boundaries identified on the Policies Map is acceptable and development will be permitted, subject to compliance with other policies in the Development Plan.

Local Plan Part 1 parent policies

SP2: Spatial Strategy

RE2: Green Belt



Refusal, and dismissal at appeal, of inappropriate development on greenfield land outside settlement boundaries.


Development being concentrated within settlement boundaries (and allocated sites) in accordance with the spatial strategy.

Explanatory note:

3.3  With regard to the function of settlement boundaries, there are four categories of settlement within Waverley:

  • Main settlements (Farnham, Cranleigh, Godalming and Haslemere)
  • Villages inset from the Green Belt (Elstead, Milford/Witley and Chiddingfold)
  • Villages in the Green Belt
  • Villages in the Countryside beyond the Green Belt