LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies

Comprehensive Development

2.49  Due to the various planning constraints within the Borough, many of the potential housing sites adjoin each other or are in multiple ownership. If schemes for these sites came forward without a co-ordinated approach it could result in unintegrated, piecemeal development. The Council's aim is for cohesive, integrated and sustainable communities, therefore piecemeal development which create pockets of isolated, inward- looking developments should be avoided.

2.50  Cumulatively, neighbouring developments can have a much more significant impact on the landscape, townscape, and historic environment than a single site. As such, it is important that developers consider their schemes in the wider context, including by working together to produce a masterplan for a larger area of development wherever possible.

2.51  The following Policy sets out the Council's expectations.

DM8: Comprehensive Development

Comprehensive development that achieves a coordinated approach with adjoining sites will be encouraged, especially when it may result in additional benefits to the Borough.

Where piecemeal development is proposed, it should be demonstrated that it will not prejudice the development of adjoining land. This should include facilitating connections between the sites or demonstrating how connections can be made to future adjacent developments. Development proposals that unreasonably restrain the potential for developing an adjoining site or artificially subdivide a site will not be supported.

Detailed masterplans will be sought for large development sites, particularly where they are in multiple ownerships. This requirement will be considered on a site by site basis.

Explanatory notes:

2.52  This policy will apply where;

  • a site allocation is in multiple ownership, or
  • where allocations are adjacent to each other or other permitted sites that are not yet implemented, or
  • where it is otherwise known that development is likely to come forward on neighbouring land.

2.53  Masterplans will normally be sought for developments with a combined total of 100 homes or more.

2.54  To demonstrate that the requirements of this policy have been met, the design and access statement accompanying an application should identify other planned development nearby, set out information on engagement which has taken place with neighbouring developers and landowners, and detail how this has informed the proposals.

Local Plan Part 1 parent policies

TD1: Townscape and Design

Other documents or guidance

Surrey Design Guide (2002)



Provision of masterplans for proximate development sites.


Adjacent development sites are developed and delivered in a coordinated way.