LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies


2.20  The NPPF in conjunction with the National Design Guide, sets out that the creation of high quality buildings and places is fundamental to planning and development. Design is a key aspect of sustainable development, creating better places in which to live and work and helping make development acceptable to communities.

2.21  Good design is not simply about the appearance of a development, it also relates to how a development responds to the natural, built, and historic environment.

2.22  In Waverley, the environment of the built-up areas and villages is attractive, varied and is valued by the community. The character ranges from the historic centres of the main settlements to the distinctive but varied character of the villages. There exists a strong link between the historic landscape and settlements, and this relationship has had a clear impact on the evolution of all of the settlements throughout the Borough. It is critical, both environmentally and economically, that Waverley continues to enhance the distinctive character of its towns and villages ensuring that new development positively responds to the environment rather than detracts from it. The NPPF also stresses the importance of making effective use of land. This includes giving substantial weight to the value of using suitable brownfield land within settlements for homes and other identified needs. In terms of sustainable development this is particularly relevant where a site is well related to public transport nodes.

2.23 Two of the objectives within Local Plan Part 1 directly relate to design:

  • To ensure that new development takes proper account of the character and distinctiveness of the area in which it is located;
  • To ensure that the design, form and location of new developments contribute to the creation of sustainable communities that are attractive, safe and inclusive.

2.24  Within Local Plan Part 1 there are two design policies. Policy TD1 an overarching policy which aims to ensure that the character and amenity of the Borough are protected and Policy SS7A, the design strategy for the strategic site allocation at Dunsfold Aerodrome. Both of these policies should be used in conjunction with the policies in Local Plan Part 2.

2.25  Design policies within the Development Plan should be used in conjunction with Town/ Village Design Statements, Neighbourhood Plans and Conservation Area Appraisals, which identify the character of many of the areas within the Borough. They should also be read in conjunction with any current or future Supplementary Planning Guidance relating to design.