LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies

Water Supply and Wastewater

2.17  It is important that there is sufficient water and wastewater infrastructure to support new development. Developers are therefore encouraged to contact the relevant water and wastewater company as early as possible to discuss their development proposals and intended delivery programme to assist with identifying any potential water and wastewater network reinforcement requirements.

2.18  If concerns arise from a relevant infrastructure provider during a planning application about the capacity of wastewater infrastructure, an applicant will be asked to provide the Council with information about how the proposed development will be drained and wastewater will be dealt with without a negative impact on existing residents and users.

2.19  Local Plan Part 1 Policy ICS1 sets out the Council's strategic approach to ensuring that new and improved infrastructure is provided in a timely and sustainable manner to support the level of development identified in the Spatial Strategy. The Council will also continue to update its Infrastructure Delivery Plan to ensure the required infrastructure is identified. Policy DM3 will support Policy ICS1 to ensure that the water supply to and wastewater from developments does not have a negative impact on existing residents and users.


DM3: Water Supply and Wastewater Infrastructure

Where it is identified that a proposed development will result in the need for upgrade to off-site water and wastewater infrastructure the Council will, where appropriate, apply phasing conditions to any approval of planning permission to ensure the occupation is aligned with the delivery of necessary infrastructure upgrades.

Local Plan Part 1 parent policies

ICS1: Infrastructure and Community Services



Appropriate phasing conditions applied where the need for upgrades to off-site water and wastewater infrastructure is identified.


No specific targets.