LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies

Neighbourhood Planning

1.20  In accordance with the provisions of the Localism Act 2011, Neighbourhood Planning allows Town and Parish Councils to shape new development within their area through the production of Neighbourhood Plans.

1.21  In Waverley, a number of parishes have approved Neighbourhood Plan Areas. These are presented in the table below.

Table 2: Parishes in Waverley designated as a Neighbourhood Plan Area







Elstead and Weyburn

Ewhurst and Ellens Green


Godalming and Farncombe




1.22  The Farnham Neighbourhood Plan and Godalming and Farncombe Neighbourhood Plan have been 'made' i.e. adopted and form part of the Development Plan for the area. They are now used to help determine planning applications. The Witley Neighbourhood Plan has been the subject of an independent examination. The Council has published its decision statement that the neighbourhood plan can proceed to referendum with the modifications recommended by the independent examiner. The Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan is currently being independently examined.

1.23  Nine other Neighbourhood Plan Areas have been designated and most of these parish councils are actively working on their preparation, and progressing through formal public consultation stages. Busbridge and Hascombe Parish Councils informed the Council that their plans were on hold awaiting the adoption of Local Plan Part 1. The Council has not received confirmation of their intention to restart work. Details on the progress of neighbourhood plans can be found on the Council's website .

1.24  Neighbourhood Plan policies can cover a variety of planning policy areas addressing issues at the local level. Some of the towns and parishes have chosen to address matters that would otherwise be included in a Local Plan, for example, reviewing a settlement boundary or town centre boundary. In some cases, towns and parishes have chosen to allocate sites for housing and other uses, to meet the strategic requirements of Local Plan Part 1. These parishes currently are Bramley, Chiddingfold, Cranleigh, Dunsfold, Elstead and Farnham.

1.25  As is further explained in the Housing Sites chapter (Chapter 7), Local Plan Part 2 will not be allocating sites in these parishes listed above. For information on site allocations in these areas, residents and businesses should speak directly to the Parish Councils. The one exception to this is that allocations for Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation for the whole Borough will be included within Local Plan Part 2.

1.26  In some areas, sites are not being allocated in neighbourhood plans or Local Plan Part 2, as planning permissions and other commitments mean that the minimum allocation in Local Plan Part 1 has already been met.