LPP2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: General Policies 

Environmental Implications of Development 

Climate Change and Energy Efficiency 

Water Supply and Wastewater 



Trees and Landscape 

Planning Enforcement 

Chapter 3: Location of Development 

Location of Development 

Settlement Boundaries 

Managing Development in the Green Belt

Rural Areas

Chapter 4: Protecting Places

Local Landscape Areas

Local Green Space

Heritage Assets

Chapter 5: Economic Prosperity

Employment, Training and Education

Town Centres and Local Centres




Tourism and Recreation

Chapter 6: Housing Policies

Re-use and Alterations to Large Buildings

Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding

Chapter 7: Housing Sites

Delivering New Housing

Housing Sites in Haslemere

Housing Sites in Milford and Witley

New Sites for Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople

Site Allocations for Gypsies and Travellers


Appendix I

Technical Housing Standards - Nationally Described Space Standards

Appendix II

Monitoring Framework

Appendix III

Local Green Spaces

List of Policies and Sites

DM1: Environmental Implications of Development

DM2: Energy Efficiency

DM3: Water Supply and Wastewater Infrastructure

DM4: Quality Places through Design

DM5: Safeguarding Amenity

DM6: Public Realm

DM7: Safer Places

DM8: Comprehensive Development

DM9: Accessibility and transport

DM10: A31 Farnham By-Pass Improvements

DM11: Trees, Woodland, Hedgerows and Landscaping

DM12: Planning Enforcement

DM13: Development within Settlement Boundaries

DM14: Extensions, alterations, replacement buildings & limited infilling in the Green Belt

DM15: Development in rural areas

DM16: Dwellings for rural workers

DM17: Haslemere Hillsides

DM18: Farnham/Aldershot Strategic Gap

DM19: Local Green Space

DM20: Development Affecting Listed Buildings, and/or their Settings

DM21: Conservation Areas

DM22: Heritage at Risk

DM23: Non-designated Heritage Assets

DM24: Historic Landscapes and Gardens

DM25: Archaeology

DM26: Employment Sites

DM27: Development within Town Centres

DM28: Access and Servicing

DM29: Advertisements

DM30: Telecommunications

DM31: Filming

DM32: Tourism, Hotels and Visitor Accommodation

DM33: Downs Link - Guildford to Cranleigh Corridor

DM34: Access to the Countryside

DM35: Reuse of and alterations to large buildings

DM36: Self-build and Custom Housebuilding

DS 01: Haslemere Key Site, West Street, Haslemere

DS 02: Central Hindhead, London Road, Hindhead

DS 03: Land at Andrews, Portsmouth Road, Hindhead

DS 04: Land at Wey Hill Youth Campus, Haslemere

DS 05: Haslemere Preparatory School, The Heights, 5 Hill Road, Haslemere

DS 06: Red Court, Scotland Lane, Haslemere

DS 07: Fairground Car Park, Wey Hill, Haslemere

DS 08: The Old Grove, High Pitfold, Hindhead

DS 09: National Trust Car Park, Branksome Place, Hindhead Road, Haslemere

DS 10: Hatherleigh, Tower Road, Hindhead

DS 11: 34 Kings Road, Haslemere

DS 12: Land at Highcroft, Milford

DS 13: Land at Wheeler Street Nurseries, Witley

DS 14: Land at Secretts, Hurst Farm, Milford

DS 15: Burnt Hill, Plaistow Road, Dunsfold

DS 16: Land west of Knowle Lane, Cranleigh

DS 17: Monkton Farm, Monkton Lane, Farnham

DS 18: South of Kiln Hall, St George's Road, Badshot Lea, Farnham

DS 19: Land off Badshot Lea Road, Badshot Lea, Farnham

DS 20: Old Stone Yard, Tongham Road, Runfold, Farnham


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